Debt Management

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Debt Management allows for you to setup a repayment plan that is affordable, attainable, and manageable so that you can payoff your debts faster while also saving you time and money.

With an effective debt management plan, you can get yourself out of debt and rebuild your credit by making monthly payments that fits your budget.

With our debt management program, we help prevent legal actions from being taken against you, such as garnishments from wages and/or tax refunds, from a creditor in regard to a bad debt. Once your signed-up for our debt management program after your free consultation, we will work as a liaison between you and the creditor to arrive at an affordable and acceptable repayment plan. We will also work on your behalf with the creditor to reduce interest payments and waive or reduce late penalty fees. Contact us today to learn more about our Debt Management Program.

Strategic planning for all stages of life

Once your debts are fully paid off it is best to keep the systematic approach of the debt management plan going so that you do not find yourself in more debt later down the line. After paying off your debts, continue to set aside your monthly payments to apply to other debts. If there are no other debts, setup an extra savings account and place those monthly payments in that account to save for a "rainy day". This will allows for you to both save and budget your money for any future finances that you may or may not plan for in the future. Use this extra "rainy day" money as collateral when qualified for a line of credit or loan. Remember, you want to stay out of the red! So be proactive and diligent in handling your finances in the future to prevent re-sinking into the debt pool.

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